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星期二, 四月 25, 2017

科技空間(TechRoomage)亦是TR(Technology Trends)的寓意。顧名思義,我們是源於科技新興行業的一家新媒體。



Technology space (TechRoomage) is TR (Technology Trends) of the implication. As the name suggests, we are a new technology from the emerging media industry.

Technology space was established in 2012, but a few short years of development, has become the largest TR area of content service providers. Since its establishment, we strive to serve the innovation and entrepreneurs in the field of science and technology, through the construction of network platform for Taiwan’s scientific and technological innovation to provide the most professional, the most valuable information and services.

Technology space platform brings together a number of science and technology and innovation in the field of science and technology and new industry freelancers, they published in the scientific and technological content of the original space, not only to create a pool of knowledge and brainstorming, but also to help the majority of entrepreneurs or technology industry Get the latest news. By constantly innovating, promoting and influencing industrial change, S & T space is becoming the most influential community in the field of science and technology in Taiwan.

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TtechRoomage is your news entertainment music fashion website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from entertainment industry world.

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